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LeadDiscovery offers full reports in selected areas of the pharmaceutical and biotech sector.

Each of the reports below has been especially selected by LeadDiscovery and categorized into relevant areas. Browse the area meeting your field of interest or try our search engine.

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Focus on Oncology: All reports focusing on oncology are featured here with the exception of antibody, immunological or cell therapeutic approaches which are listed on the Cancer Immunotherapy channel.

Focus on Cancer Immunotherapy: This channel is dedicated to immunotherapy approaches to cancer such as interleukins and other immunostimulators. Oncolytic viruses and cell based therapies are also included in this channel. Most reports included in this channel are technological in approach.

Focus on Immunology & Inflammatory Diseases: Reports relating to inflammatory diseases and organ transplant are featured in this channel. Articles on osteoarthritis are also featured here. Reports focusing on immunological approaches to other disease states can also be included in this channel.

Focus on Infectious Diseases: Reports included here span all the major infectious diseases.

Focus on Psychiatric, Addictive & Sleep Disorders: This channel focuses on the main psychiatric diseases such as depression, bipolar disease, anxiety and schizophrenia although reports focusing on neuroelectrophysiology (for example epilepsy) are also included here. Likewise reports relating to addictive, sleep and attention deficit disorders are also included here.

Focus on Pain: This channel focuses on the major pain etiologies. In addition reports relating to migraine and occasionally IBS will be found in this channel.

Focus on Neurodegenerative & Neuroelectrophysiological Disorders: This channel focusses on the chronic neurodegenerative disorders. Reports investigating memory/cognitive decline are also listed here unless they are clearly unrelated to neurodegeneration. In addition, reports relating to acute neurodegeneration such as stroke and cerebral hemorrhage can be included here.

Focus on Metabolic & Hormonal Disorders: Reports featured here primarily focus on diabetes and obesity. Cachexia is also a focus of this channel as is metabolic dysfunction relating to pharmacological treatment (for example following treatment for HIV infection). Reports relating to hormonal disorders or diseases due to hormonal change (eg osteoporosis) can be featured here.

Focus on Cardiovascular Disorders: Reports relating to all aspects of cardiovascular disease are included here with the exception of those relating to neurodegenerative components of stroke. Reports with a focus on atherosclerosis are also included here

Focus on GenitoUrinary Tract Disorders: Listed here are reports relating to sexual dysfunctions as well as urinary tract (urinary incontinence and BPH) and uterine disorders (eg endometriosis)

Focus on Technology: The technology channel relates to all things biotech. Reports describing, for example, advances in peptide, protein, genomics/proteomics and cell based sciences are included. This channel also focuses on novel drug delivery technologies and novel screening tools

Focus on Diagnostics & Devices: This channel focuses on molecular diagnostics, primarily with an infectious disease, oncology or cardiovascular disease angle. Reports relating to devices primarily focus on cardiovascular devices including stents and pacemakers.

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